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New York, NY

Amy Zhou

Amy started tango as a student with the UCLA tango club and the Oxygen Tango school in Los Angeles. After dancing for several years, she began DJing as a way to broaden her study of tango. She finds tango music endlessly fascinating and enjoys studying its depths and variety. Amy understands that good music is essential for having a memorable evening of dancing. Her selections respond to the energy of the milonga and are crafted to inspire expressive, creative, and deeply connected dance experiences. Amy DJ'd regularly in her former hometown of Los Angeles, as well as at festival and marathons across the United States.


Seoul, South Korea

Benjamin Lee

He has regularly played music at many popular milongas in Seoul Korea since 2011. He loves the traditional Golden Age tango songs very suitable for dancing with good energy. He has been invited for various international tango events from many cities of Asia, Australia, Europe, & America. Respecting the great songs of main popular orchestras and the emotion of dancers in a milonga, he always tries to play the right tanda for each certain moment. He believes that the most important mission of the DJ is to help dancers to be naturally and comfortably immersed in the flow of emotion.


Montreal, Canada

Carol Horowitz

Carol can be found Dj’ing most every Wednesday at the weekly milonga that she runs in Montreal but when schedule permits, travels to marathons and festivals in Canada and the US.     She's Dj'd at the Abrazo Marathon, East Coast Marathon, San Francisco Marathon, The Thing, Tango Magic and Seattle Tango Marathons, to name a few.  Sensitive to the crowd, with a keen sense of energy and flow, she is able to facilitate an electric atmosphere that keeps everyone on their feet tanda after tanda.


Co-founder and managing director of Studio Tango Montreal, Carol is one of the 12 permanent teachers on staff there. She’s passionate about her students, about tango in general and about the follower's role specifically.  Over the years, Carol has produced countless workshops with guest teachers as well as many special events, including the Montreal Summer Tango Fling, a non-profit community event held each summer and the Bailongo Montreal Tango festival held each May.

DJ 2017 Puerto Tango Anniversary 2.jpg

Seoul, South Korea

Hung-Yut Chen

Hung-Yut is currently based in Seoul, Korea, but he actually started dancing tango in the Bay Area. One of his first ever DJ gigs was at Tuesday El Valeciano, some 15 years ago. This SF Tango Marathon will surely be a very nostalgic trip for him~


Hung-Yut, also known as Leonel, was one of the first regular DJs at Tango O Nada, the oldest milonga in Seoul. He has played music at many tango events in Asia. Through teaching and organizing DJ workshops and conferences, he had raised the awareness of the importance of DJs in Korea and has helped the growth of a new generation of DJs. Leonel is also a professional dancer and teacher, his partner is Florencia Han. Together they organize the annual Seoul Tango Festival and El Bulín Tango.

Lampis photo.jpg

Los Angeles, CA


Lampis has been fascinated by tango and continuously tries to expand his understanding of this complex art form. Playing the right tanda at the right time is critical for an emotionally fulfilling evening of dancing and he aims to achieve exactly that with his music selections. Lampis focuses on traditional music that keeps the dancers on the floor until the very end of the milonga. He has been DJing for the past ten years in multiple events all over the world


Madrid, Spain

Mariana Ancarola

Mariana Ancarola, raised in Spain by her Argentine parents grew up listening to tango music. As a teenager, in 1996, she began to dance Argentine tango.


Since then she has often traveled to Buenos Aires to study with the masters of tango: Gustavo Naveira & Giselle Anne, Mariano Frumboli & Lucia Mazer, among others.


Mariana has taught and performed tango full time since 2002, becoming very well-received tango dancer in many different cities in Spain and United States. Over the years she has organized highly popular milongas in Madrid and San Francisco, where she had the opportunity to learn about the music and DJ.

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