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Thank you for your interest in joining SFTM Team.

Please read below and if you're still interested, please follow the instruction at the bottom of this page.

Thanks to all the efforts by past Team Staff, we had a great feedback on how well the event was run so far. We look for individuals who are cheerful, hard working and collaborative.

There are mainly 4 jobs for SFTM Team Staff.
1. setup / takedown (it'll be physical work)

2. door (check-in desk)

3. kitchen (food/water/cleanup)

4. consignment store (receive goods from seller, sell the item, etc)

Much of the work can be quite physical and you cannot choose which task you'll be assigned to.  We'll send out more detailed instruction as it gets closer to the event.



1. There's a MANDATORY team meeting at the venue on Nov 8, Friday 8-8:30pm. If you cannot make it to the meeting, you cannot be part of SFTM Team.

2. You'll have to work minimum 4 shifts (each shift is 2hr)  including set up on Friday evening or takedown on Monday morning. If you want to work more, you may choose to do so.

To join SFTM Team, we ask you to purchase the staff pass ($125 for the full weekend), then we'll pay you for the shifts that you worked. Pay/hr varies from $10 - $30, depending on the shift.

If you read above and still like to apply to be part of SFTM Team, please EMAIL us with your full name, phone number, and why you'd like to join SFTM Team and why you think you qualify (such as previous experience in working for an event ). We'll assess your application and if we accept you as team staff, we'll tell you how to purchase the staff pass and link to the shift sheet.

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