DJ Naoko's music selection is known as '100% Bailable!' as it's so irresistible and not able to sit.  She is an expert of creating the right ambient for the moment and her hospitality spirit makes sure the experience is pleasurable.  She connects and communicates with dancers through her music and let it develop naturally. She loves seeing happy faces on the floor and considers DJ as her dream job.

Originally from Japan, she dived into the world of Tango soon after discovering beauty of Argentina and its warmest people.  After visiting couple of times, she decided to spend more time in Buenos Aires to explore the world of Tango.  Her love and passion for TANGO naturally led her to become a DJ.  She held the sole resident DJ position at very popular practica/milonga TANGOCOOL! (in Club Villa Malcolm) for 4 years till its closure in 2013.  She has been invited to DJ not only in Buenos Aires but also in Europe and Asia.  After living in Buenos Aires for 7 years she moved her base in Europe in 2014 and now based in Barcelona, Spain and  continues to pursue her passion and actively DJing all over the world.


Lampis has been fascinated by tango and continuously tries to expand his understanding of this complex art form. Playing the right tanda at the right time is critical for an emotionally fulfilling evening of dancing and he aims to achieve exactly that with his music selections. Lampis focuses on traditional music that keeps the dancers on the floor until the very end of the milonga. He is a sought-after DJ and has DJed in multiple festivals and major events in the USA, Europe and Asia.


Federico DJs regularly at milongas in Seoul, Busan, and Pohang. He has been invited to DJ at many events and milongas in Korea and festivals around the world (including Taipei and Sydney). He runs El Bulin Busan Tamgo Studio and is a founding member of “Sur,” a DJ study group in Busan.


One of the most highly respected DJs in Taiwan and North America! From his home base in Taipei to festivals and marathons around the countries such as Portland, San Francisco, San Diego, Los Angeles, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Ann Arbor, Denver, Houston, Chicago, Montreal, Taipei, Shanghai, Seoul and Singapore. He DJs regularly in Tangoasi, Tanguisimo and Corazon in Taipei now.


Lung-Kuei’s smooth, thoughtful approach to tango music has delighted many a tanguera/o, and has earned him a place on the DJ roster of some of the
countries’ most notable milongas in both Taiwan and North America.


For more on Lung-Kuei and his DJ Calendar, please visit his website:


A well-known and respected dancer and DJ, Robin's enthusiasm for Argentine tango can be seen most clearly in his wholehearted dedication to teaching. He believes that it is very important for students to dance simply and musically from the very beginning. Building that strong base of connection and musicality early, Robin believes, will allow even very new beginners to feel comfortable and confident on a crowded dance floor and will also lead to a more comprehensive and fluid understanding of more complicated techniques later on. Robin's teaching style reflects this philosophy, and his students appreciate the humorous but still down-to-earth way he presents the material.


Robin's travel schedule is a busy one, reflecting his growing popularity as a teacher and tango DJ. Recently, he has taught in Portland, Denver, Ann Arbor, Washington DC, Seattle, Berlin, Edinburgh, San Diego, Providence, Pittsburgh and at the universities, Yale, Princeton, and Cornell.


Robin hosts the hugely popular Nocturne the third Saturday of each month.


Dan Boccia is recognized internationally as one of the finest tango DJs in North America since 2001. He enjoys DJing at a wide variety of events, from intimate house parties to the largest and most important events, festivals and congresses throughout North America and twice in Korea. He is known for
pioneering and advancing the art of DJing improvisationally, selecting music on the fly during the event rather than relying on pre-recorded playlists. He is credited by many dancers for his intense drive to make every event unique while still playing mostly familiar music that experienced dancers love and crave. Dan carefully “cleans” the music so it sounds better, and is known for having a particularly high-quality collection of tango music. In addition, he is an experienced sound technician, with a keen ear for improving the acoustics at events to improve the all-important sound environment at dances. Dan also
enjoys presenting DJ seminars and leading music discussions with dancers.