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Other marathons around North America

Tango marathons are getting popular now in North America.

Please note that we are not affiliated with any other events and

each events may have different condition or format.


Oct 4-7, 2013     West Coast Tango Marathon (San Diego)

Oct 18-20, 2013  Ann Arbor Tango Marathon

Nov 1-3, 2013     ABRAZO Monteal Tango Marathon

Jan 12-14, 2014  Toronto Tango Marathon

Mar 28-31, 2014  Florida Keys Tango Marathon

Apr 25-28, 2014  ESO Buffalo Tango Marathon

Nov 14-16, 2014  San Francisco Tango Marathon


Feel free to contact us if you are the organizer of a marathon in North America and

would like to have the information on this page.