Matias Alberto Tripodi

Argentine tango dancer, graduated in linguistics (University of Buenos Aires, 2012), he was trained in the world of tango from the age of 17 years. Multidisciplinary artist, Matías specializes in the integration of languages ​​both for pedagogical proposals and for contemporary art creations, always inspired by the internal mechanisms of tango. Since 2008 he teaches classes and seminars both in Buenos Aires and in Europe. In 2011 and 2012 he gave tango lessons for the Tanztheather Pina Bausch, on the occasion of the replacement of the piece Nur Du. In 2013 he was invited by one of the pioneering tango schools of Marseille, to make a year of residency. Since 2015, Matías is an associate artist of the Incidence Chorégraphique dance company, made up of dancers from the Paris Opera and independent artists. Along with Incidence Chorégraphique he has presented his main choreographic works in contemporary dance. In 2016 he collaborates as an assistant for a creation with the Leipzig Opera Ballet, choreography by Bruno Bouché. In 2016 he also participates in the activities of the Pina Bausch exhibition, in the Bundeskunsthalle, Bonn, Germany. Since 2010, he has been exploring the plastic arts and video, producing a series of works in different periods, some of which are currently exhibited in Argentina and Germany. In 2016 he published his movement notation system for tango, a proposal that allows the construction of movement scores for the steps and sequences used on the dance floor. He currently resides in Paris, where he develops his system of notation, both for pedagogy and for the development of contemporary dance and music creations, among other projects. Coming from the traditional milongas of Buenos Aires, and without losing his first steps, Matías draws an eclectic tour open to other languages ​​and possibilities of creation.