Dan Boccia is recognized internationally as one of the finest tango DJs in North America since 2001. He enjoys DJing at a wide variety of events, from intimate house parties to the largest and most important events, festivals and congresses throughout North America and twice in Korea. He is known for
pioneering and advancing the art of DJing improvisationally, selecting music on the fly during the event rather than relying on pre-recorded playlists. He is credited by many dancers for his intense drive to make every event unique while still playing mostly familiar music that experienced dancers love and crave. Dan carefully “cleans” the music so it sounds better, and is known for having a particularly high-quality collection of tango music. In addition, he is an experienced sound technician, with a keen ear for improving the acoustics at events to improve the all-important sound environment at dances. Dan also
enjoys presenting DJ seminars and leading music discussions with dancers.