Cathy and Dale have been dancing tango since 1992, a time when very few people were dancing tango, here in the U.S. and in Buenos Aires.  One of the few ways to obtain music then was if someone would make a copy of their cassette.  They went to Buenos Aires for the first time in 1994 to see some of the great milongueros before they all passed away.  It was also then that they were able to obtain some of the first tango CDs released.


Cathy and Dale have continued to travel to Buenos Aires annually to dance with people whose faces still light up when they hear a tango they have danced to for 50 years.  Cathy and Dale’s understanding of the music is not about what year a recording was made or which bandeonista played with which orchestra but of the feeling of the music and how it moves you to dance. They started to DJ in the San Francisco Bay Area in 1997, playing music in tandas with cortinas for the first time in the area.  The longer they dance tango, the more important the music and its feeling become for them.


Cathy and Dale’s love for tango and its music still continues to grow deeper and stronger.